2020 Offering Goal: $80,000

Offering Received: $80,720

Child Impact International – 10% plus overflow

Child Impact International’s key activity is to sponsor impoverished children with an education in Adventist mission schools in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Zambia, And Papua New Guinea. Funds will be used to enable the ministry to continue the production of the TV program “Hope in Motion” which creates awareness of the sponsorship program. The project will feature fresh content, new projects, and the ministry’s recent work expansion in Zambia. Partner with us to make a difference in a child’s life.

ISEI Education Association – 11%

ISEI Education Association provides support, encouragement, and accreditation to Adventist supporting schools. Currently the ministry is in need of a vehicle to accommodate transportation to and from member institutions. Funds for the purchase of a vehicle will empower and enable them to carry out the mission of ISEI.

Jesus for Asia – 17%

Jesus for Asia’s mission is to bring light and hope to Asia through education, nutrition, and friendship. In a country with a Seventh-day Adventist presence of only 3,000 members, a new Cambodia Adventist Academy will create a place for young people to not only receive education but to also learn about Jesus. Your support will specifically be used for the initial building that will house 6 classrooms.

Little Light Ministries – 10% plus overflow

Little Light Ministries aims to re-inspire young people, specifically ages 18-24, to walk a closer walk with Christ and also keep them connected to the truths God has blessed His church with. Updating the ministry’s workstations will enable them to be properly equipped to keep up with new technological advancements in video production and continue creating and sharing Bible- centered content.

Network 7 Media Center – 18%

Network 7 Media Center provides free media support to ASI Southern Union each year through Mission Your support will be used for global evangelism meetings, revivals, week of prayer, and media live video and streaming services at our Spring Convention. Network 7 also produces Sonlight Global, an expansion of production, enabling Network 7 to continue telling the story of Jesus through media.

Outpost Centers International – EAP 20%

The Educational Assistance Plan (EAP), an ongoing ASI project managed by Outpost Centers International, gives opportunities to mission-minded students as well as children of ministry staff to further their education. Funds are loaned to students with an agreement to repay in cash or serve in a supporting ministry position. As students are encouraged to enter the mission field upon completion of their studies and work at supporting ministries, many EAP recipients 2020 Special Projects have taken positions of leadership in such organizations. With your support, many young people will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to share the gospel with those in their community.

Young Professionals Scholarship – 4%

ASI Southern Union seeks to equip young people with knowledge, experience, and leadership skills. We offer a Young Professionals Scholarship program which provides mentorship for young adults with a mission-focused and professional mindset while also benefiting our ASI member ministries.

ASI Southern Union Membership – 10% plus overflow

With your support ASI Southern Union will continue to strengthen conference and community relationships, recruit and promote the benefits of ASI membership.