Charlotte Advent Media Corporation/WGFY – $20,000 plus overflow

In this social and digital era, Charlotte Advent Media Corporation (CAMC) through its Christian radio station WGFY Charlotte 1480 AM HD Radio, spreads the gospel further and faster than ever before in its broadcast area. ASI Southern Union will help towards the completion of WGFY’s (CAMC’s) daytime power increase project from 4,400 watts to 12,000 watts, expanding the daytime directional pattern of the station to cover more towns with their radio signal, thereby sharing the gospel message using a much stronger signal for all its listeners and reaching many more people.

Child Impact International – $14,000

Child Impact International, formerly known as Asian Aid USA, will refresh and create new videos for Hope in Motion television series programs, which are the ministry’s greatest method of advertisement and awareness. Their work will continue providing an education to thousands of children in Asia and beyond, breaking the poverty cycle and introducing them and their families to Jesus.

Gospel Mission Aviation – $9,000

Gospel Mission Aviation provides medical and spiritual aid in the most remote communities of the Bolivian Andes Mountains. A recently acquired Super Cub mission plane, equipped for operating on rough terrain, will do in minutes what takes volunteer medical professionals days or weeks on foot. The mission plane is ready for the flight from Georgia, USA to its new base in Cochabamba, Bolivia. ASI Southern Union’s support will help launch this aircraft on its mission to save lives now and for eternity.

Little Light Ministries – $9,000

Little Light Ministries focuses on reaching the youth and young adults of the Seventh-day Adventist church with thought-provoking media that inspires a closer walk with Christ. Their exciting Video Bible Study series are designed to introduce Bible truth in a 5-minute video and a Bible study guide visually stunning and appealing to the millennial generation, without losing the gravity of the Biblical topic presented. Funds will be used for the graphic design of each Bible Study Guide, the Master Guide, and also printing costs.

Riverside Farm Institute – $12,000 plus overflow

Riverside Farm Institute continues to use farming to support much of its work, specializing in the production of bananas, wheat and soya. The purchase of a 4-5 ton box deliver truck will allow the banana farm to increase industry and income, providing resources to expand the work of soul winning in the corners of Zambia and Africa.

Uchee Pines Institute – $15,000

The Agatha M. Thrash Fund helps worthy patients pursue cutting-edge rational therapies and offers scholarships for students with a burning desire for mission. Your support of its mission will help continue improving lives that were ones afflicted with disease and empowering young people in God’s service.

Country Life Institute, Dominican Republic – $4,000

Since its start in 1988, Country Life Institute in the Dominican Republic has grown to encompass a comprehensive health and evangelistic educational program. Students and staff are actively involved in health programs and outreach to the local community and beyond. They need good quality and safe transportation to these areas and your contribution to the offering will help purchase a used van to continue training students to share the Three Angels Message with those who have never heard it.

Outpost Centers International – $15,000

The Educational Assistance Plan (EAP) is an ongoing ASI project managed by Outpost Centers International and gives opportunities to mission-minded students as well as children of ministry staff to further their education. Funds are loaned to students with an agreement to repay in cash or serve in a supporting ministry position. Students are encouraged to enter the mission field upon completion of their studies and work at supporting ministries, and many EAP recipients have taken positions of leadership in such organizations. With your support, many young people will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to share the gospel with those in their community.

Network 7 – $18,000

Network 7 Media Center will continue to offer quality media production to non-profits around the world, particularly focused on those with Adventist beliefs around the world. Their work has aided in doubling the 13th Sabbath World Mission Offering over the last 10 years through Mission SONlight interviews and stories from around the world. they will continue to update their production gear. One special addition will be a 4K drone designed for low-key international use in (some) restricted countries. They are also involved in evangelistic meetings and continue the production of The Blanco Project.

Heritage Academy – $15,000

Heritage Academy, based in Monterey, TN, offers dynamic and active ministries, including video production, canvassing, mission aviation and music, which teach their students how to become closer to Christ and reach others. Since their response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the disaster response ministry has become part of their educational program and Heritage Academy has been involved in over 30 deployments to actual disasters. ASI Southern Union will help in the purchase of a debris removal trailer that will be used throughout the Southern Union states in response to various disasters, benefitting countless people and their families.

FE Florida – $12,000

FE (ASI) Florida chapter is a group of Adventist entrepreneurs focused on the mission of helping needy residents of southern and central Florida. While felt needs have been their focus, they are also reaching out through Novo Tempo (Hope Channel) media to bring the gospel to the Latin communities they work with and strengthen the Adventist evangelism toolbox in greater Miami and Orlando.

ASI Southern Union Internship – $3,000 plus overflow

Each year ASI Southern Union offers one or two internship scholarships matching the Southern Union initiative to train and employ young professionals for their career goals. Will you partner with us to continue equipping the next generation with knowledge, experience, and leadership skills?

ASI Southern Union Membership – $6,000 plus overflow

With your support ASI Southern Union will continue to recruit and market the benefits of ASI membership to other ministry and business organizations as well as strengthen conference and community relationships.

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