The messages shared at ASI Southern Union Conferences can be a blessing to many more people than those who attend. To accomplish wider distribution of the messages presented, ASI wishes to produce audio and/or video recordings of the presentations given at its ASI Southern Union Conference, to place them on the internet for downloading, and to make these recordings available in CD/DVD or other formats for low cost. To make such recording and distribution possible, ASI requests your permission to make audio and/or video recordings of your presentation(s) at the ASI Southern Union Conference and to distribute those recordings and/or transcripts of the recordings.

By completing this form, you (the individual named below) acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the following terms granting to ASI Southern Union a license to make recordings of your presentation(s), to edit those recordings to be suitable for distribution, and to distribute the recordings and/or transcripts of the recordings in any format or formats in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. In consideration of the opportunity to make one or more presentations at the ASI Southern Union Conference and other valuable consideration, I grant to ASI an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license with right to sublicense to make, edit, reproduce, and distribute recordings and/or transcripts of any presentation or presentations I make at the ASI Southern Union Conference, and to reproduce and distribute together with those recordings and/or transcripts any printed materials which were used as a part of or distributed in conjunction with my presentation or presentations. The recordings of presentations, transcripts, and reproductions of printed materials may be in any format and distributed through any distribution channel or distribution mode selected by ASI. Where appropriate and reasonably practical as determined by ASI, I will be credited as the Speaker or Presenter of the recorded presentation(s) or transcript thereof, but ASI shall not be subject to any liability for omission or unintentional error of identification of Speaker or Presenter.
  2. This license to ASI shall not limit or detract from my right to present the same or similar material at other events in the future and/or to distribute recordings of my presentation(s), except that I will not distribute any such recordings at an ASI Southern Union Conference or other ASI event without written consent from ASI.
  3. ASI shall not be obligated to make, edit, distribute, or continue distributing said recording(s) and/or transcript(s).
  4. As used in this license, the term “distribution” and similar terms referring to distributing recordings and/or associated materials means any and all forms of communicating the contents of said recording(s) and/or associated materials, whether currently existing or not. This includes, without limitation, file sharing, media streaming, television broadcasting, text-based transcripts, CDs, DVDs, radio broadcasting, and/or other forms.
  5. Any mediation, arbitration, or other legal proceeding concerning a dispute arising out of or relating to your presentation or presentations at the ASI Southern Union Conference or relating to this license shall be conducted within the State of Georgia and shall be governed by the laws of that state without reference to any conflict of laws provisions.
Media Release